Nov 13 2011

Rumplestiltskin Analysis

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Self-centered Trades:

Miller lies to King about daughter
Daughter put in room with task

Manikin trades child for spun gold
Queens messenger sent for names

Manikin trades necklace for spun gold
Manikin trades ring for spun gold
Manikin makes new deal about guessing name

King Rejoices
Daughter/queen gives birth
Manikin rejoices by fire, dancing

King marries daughter
Manikin returns for child
Queen guesses incorrect names
Queen learns true name
Manikin splits self in two


A: Self-centered Trades

B: Deals

C: Happiness

D: Consequences

Grouping together the related events in Rumplestiltskin, I think the story is about different deals and the affects that they have on both parties. In my table, I think self-centered trades is to consequences (A:D as B:C) as Deals are to happiness. In the story, the daughter is forced into self-centered trades with the king because her father was selfish and wanted to seem important. The daughter is then forced to make trades with Rumplestiltskin for the gold, for the king, to save her life. When Rumplestiltskin trades with the daughter for the third time, he selfishly asks her to give him her first born child. In order for her to be happy/alive, she has to agree. When he comes back for the child, the queen has to be selfish and hire a messenger to help her find out Rumplestiltskin’s name so that she can keep her child. What I took from the story is that when there are completely selfish deals, there are consequences. For the king, he did what he wanted and still got everything he wanted at the cost of the daughter having to make deals for her life. Rumplestiltskin made fairly even deals with the daughter at first, but later made her trade her first child for the spun gold. This selfish request set him up for disappointment later, when he showed a soft spot and gave the queen a chance to save her child, which was his downfall and the Queen’s chance of happiness. Also, another theme in the story is that deals always make someone happy.

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  1.   Kristine LaCourteon 13 Nov 2011 at 11:14 PM 1

    I made a nice table on a Works spreadsheet but I couldn’t get it to work so I just did lists as a last resort.

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